Lee Westwood Unleashes Epic (Possibly Drunken) Twitter Meltdown After Bombing PGA

Lee Westwood PGA

After spectacularly bombing at the PGA Championship, Lee Westwood had one of the most epic Twitter temper tantrums we have ever seen.

Westwood (or “Westy” as he calls himself on Twitter) shot a six-over 76 in the final round for a 33rd place finish. He fared horribly at the British Open, as well. This marks his second-straight Sunday major flop.

Apparently, a ton of people went on Twitter to remind him how awful he played at PGA, because Westwood went on an epic NSFW rant that lasted three whole hours.

Westwood Westwood Westwood Westwood Westwood Westwood

Then, things got all Fight Club.

Westwood Westwood Westwood

Ultimately, there was an explanation offered for Lee Westwood’s behavior:


And yes, you had the real Lee Westwood on the line this whole time. All he needed to do was post an AMA-style photo of himself sitting on a bathroom floor with a smartphone and empty bottles of Glen Livet.


There’s a hell of a lot more than this to Lee Westwood’s Twitter tantrum. You can join the party here.


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