YouTuber Asks Out Gabby Douglas By Increasing Her Twitter Followers

Leon Purvis Gabby Douglas

We’re not sure how often Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas gets asked out on dates, but we know one guy who really wants to take her out on one.

Let’s rewind. On Wednesday, I was dropped a line:

Now, we’re not in the business of handing a megaphone to everyone who just happens to ask (though we have before), so I asked Leon a few questions.

I’m already a sucker for a good underdog story, and there’s something about these “guy with massive balls asks a celebrity out on social media” tales that truly intrigue me (especially since they work out so often) but even then, any schmuck can ask a celebrity out on Twitter. Why are they worth writing about?

Leon actually has a pretty interesting angle I haven’t seen before. As you might have gathered above, instead of asking for retweets, shares or likes, he’s actually trying to flatter Gabby Douglas by pushing her own Twitter followers up to 800,000.

As of now, she has about 767,000.

If he succeeds and gets Gabby Douglas her missing 33,000 followers, that’s like presenting her with 33,000 roses, except that instead of stupid flowers it’s 33,000 people who love you and listen to everything you say. Things like:

So this is sort of the most romantic social media thing we’ve ever seen.

And anyway, Leon Purvis is kind of a minor YouTube celebrity in his own right. He has a modest presence on the video sharing site and over 30,000 Twitter followers.

He’s done this before, too. He’s kind of a social-serial-celebrity-dater. He asked Justin Bieber to his prom (just as a bro, guys) and while he ultimately went stag, he did get to meet the Biebs. He asked President Obama to speak at his graduation, and managed to get a personalized letter out of the deal.

Finally, he asked Gabby Douglas out to his senior prom, but she turned him down.

Not willing to take “no” for an answer, he’s trying yet again and I decided to help him because: Because, that’s why.

Do you know how big your balls have to be to ask out a girl again after she already turned you down?

large balls
Here, have a graph

Is this a publicity stunt? Maybe, but who cares. I asked Leon is he’s just fame-whoring here and what makes Gabby Douglas so special, and here’s what I got:

“She is a very well-rounded person, someone I look up to and admire. So I thought why not ask her to prom and why not ask her out on a date? Overall her story really inspires me a lot. I am motivated by her work ethic.”

As always, you’re encouraged to make up your own mind, but if you want to help a brother out, you can follow Gabby Douglas here and tell her Leon sent you. Check out his video below, and leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Dusten Carlson
Dusten has written for web and print and currently spends his time working on his upcoming graphic novel. He is also almost 30 and still has all of his hair.


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