Tea Party ‘Ebony Boycott’ Over Trayvon Cover Spawns Meme [Twitter Reacts]

twitter ebony boycott

Over on Twitter, the Ebony “We Are Trayvon” series of covers sparked intense discussion — and like much of the case, it was pretty firmly divided on party lines.

As such, a hashtag suggesting the “Tea Party” was “boycotting” Ebony magazine (a title I think we can all admit anyone affiliated with the Tea Party is unlikely to read) soon emerged. But as usual, Twitter’s reaction was just as mixed as its political opinions on the subject.

First, there were the people who just didn’t get the joke — but still had unpleasant things to say:

There were the obvious but still funny entries:

The election victory lappers:

Mild racial humor:

white people boycotting ebony

And of course, the angry white people:

How did your Twitter react to the Ebony controversy?

Kim LaCapria

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