While Babysitter Is On Facebook, Child Drowns

babysitter facebook drowning

A babysitter allegedly distracted by Facebook was so absorbed the child in her charged drowned, police say.

37-year-old Kariasa Thomas was babysitting Kanyce Giddings, 3, back in June. Giddings was unable to swim, and appears to have wandered away from Thomas during the evening.

According to ABC, Thomas said she was Facebooking while babysitting and lost track of the toddler. The network reports:

“Police say Thomas was watching a friend’s four children, including Kanyce, at an apartment complex pool that closed for the evening. An affidavit says Thomas told police she used her phone to log on to Facebook for about 15 minutes, plus played with her dog … The victim’s body was found in the pool.”

HuffPo adds that Thomas allegedly did not notice the little girl face down in the water until an officer came to tell the group that the pool was closed for the evening:

“Thomas noticed Giddings was face down in the pool when an off duty police officer working security at the apartment complex came to tell the families that the pool was closed. An affidavit says that she kicked the lifeless body and then immediately handed the child to the police officer.”

The fatal incident occurred on June 22, and today, it was reported that Thomas was arrested Saturday on a single count of reckless injury to a child and booked into the Dallas County jail in Dallas, Texas. Bail was set at $25,000 for the babysitter who allegedly used Facebook while the child drowned, and it was not immediately clear whether Thomas was appointed or retained a lawyer.

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