45% Of Facebook Contests Are Sweepstakes [Infographic]

Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are a popular way to gain new fans, and a new infographic put together by Kontest reveals best durations, popular prizes and more.

Over 70 percent of larger companies will implement gaming elements in their contests or promotions by 2014, and 70 percent of participants have played games in order to win prizes.

The entertainment industry is number one for running Facebook contests, followed by technology and music. Sweepstakes are most popular at 45 percent, followed closely behind with quizzes at 36 percent.

Eight percent are instant win, five percent are photo contests, four percent are surveys or polls and seven percent was classified as “Others.” According to Kontest, the best contest durations are 25 or 60 days with June or November being the best months to launch a contest.

100 percent of brands asked for an email address, and one third of participants opted to receive information or updates from said brand.

34 percent of new fans were acquired through contests when using Kontest’s platform, and the number of entries via mobile devices has increased eight fold since 2012.

When it comes to the most popular prizes given away, here are the top five categories:

  • Travel – 20 percent
  • Entertainment – 18 percent
  • Music – 15 percent
  • Technology – 13 percent
  • Fashion – 12 percent

The average prize was valued at $369. To learn more about Facebook contests, check out the infographic below.

Facebook Contests

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