Maudlin Chris Brown Tells ‘Mainstream America’ He’s Quitting Music [Twitter Reacts]

Chris Brown quitting

Could it be? Is Chris Brown quitting music? That’s what he has led his 12M Twitter followers to believe in a series of sad panda messages posted Tuesday.

Whaaaat? But why?

Ahh. So Chris Brown has realized that he’s Ike Turner 2.0 (who actually was a musician, but is best remembered for his flying fists of fury) and is leaving music because working is kind of fruitless. Regardless of the quality of his music, every time he’s in the news, everyone will be quick to remind that he beat the ever-loving crap out of Rihanna in 2009.

Seems like a legit conclusion, but is he for real? We don’t know for sure, but these tweets are just the latest in a series of incredibly maudlin posts on his Twitter feed.

Someone get this kid a beer, he sounds positively suicidal.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but that one is pretty philosophical. Even deep. Wow.

Anyway, the reaction from his fans was everything from outrage to encouragement.





Also, plenty of trolling:

Do you think Chris Brown’s announcement that he’s quitting music is legit? Let us know why he should leave or why he should stay in the comments!

[Image: Eva Rinaldi]

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