Man Crawls Off Plane After Delta Offers Cardboard Tarmac Floor, Tweeters Are Not Amused

Delta Airlines Forces Man To Crawl Off Flight

A 40-year-old paralyzed man was forced by Delta Airlines to crawl off a plane and onto the tarmac. D. Baraka Kanaan says the airline offered him $100 for his humiliation.

The former college professor and non-profit director was waiting for help off the plane at Nantucket Memorial Airport last year when Delta employees refused to help him and refused to provide him with the equipment he needed to exit the page.

In his civil lawsuit Kanaan says Delta employees promised to provide him with an aisle seat and a lift to place him in and out of his wheelchair. Upon his arrive he was told by a flight attendant that Delta didn’t have the equipment needed to get him off the plane.

While wearing his “nicest suit” the professor was forced to crawl “hand over hand through the cabin, down a narrow flight of stairs and across the tarmac while crewmembers simply watched.”

Delta promised that on his way home they would have the necessary equipment to help him. Instead he was once against forced to “crawl across the tarmac, up the stairs of the aircraft, down the aisle and hoist himself into his seat.” But there was good news! Delta offered him “a piece of cardboard to put down so his clothes wouldn’t get dirty.”

The Delta airline customers story has since went viral with Now.MSN trending the term “man crawls off plane.”

The viral nature of the story has naturally angered Twitter users who took to the micro-blogging network to air their disgust with Delta Airlines.

The outrage against the man forced to crawl on both legs of his Delta trip is even more pronounced in the comment sections of websites who have chosen to report the story.

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