Marcus Vick Removes NFL Bounty Tweet Aimed At Riley Cooper

Marcus Vick

Marcus Vick put an NFL bounty of Riley Cooper after he was caught using the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert. In footage posted on YouTube Cooper was caught saying “I will jump that fence and fight every nigger here. Riley allegedly made his comment after he was denied backstage access by a black bouncer. Riley was denied because he didn’t have the proper pass.

Here’s the original Riley Cooper video:

Following that outburst Marcus Vick wrote that he would pay $1,000 “to the first Free Safety or Strong Safety that light his ass up.” He then added “… Who want to play on a team with guys like that?” Vick also called Marcus Vick a “racist piece of sh*t.”

After receiving an good amount of public backlash Riley Cooper issues a Twitter apology and followed that message with a press conference. His team, the Philadelphia Eagles, also fined him an undisclosed amount.

In the early morning hours Marcus Vick claimed that his Twitter account was hacked while Michael Vick tweeted, “I don’t agree with what my brother is saying.”

Here is the last tweet sent by Marcus Vick:

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