Pope Francis Beats President Obama At Twitter

President Obama Pope Francis

Pope Francis is officially the most powerful world leader on Twitter. “More powerful than President Obama?” Yes, child. More powerful than he.

A recent study by Twiplomacy shows that the new pontiff is the reigning champ of Twitter, and social media’s most influential leader.

Part of it has to do with the number of retweets. Pope Francis clocks in with an average 11,100 retweets per Spanish tweet and 8,200 for English tweets. President Obama’s account, on average, only gets about 2,300 retweets.

Followers are also a factor. Barack Obama has about 33.5 million people following him, while Pope Francis is a distant No. 2 with 7.2 million. But in light of Pope Francis’ rewteets, he has more influence and reach than President Obama.

In terms of what constitutes a “world leader,” Twiplomacy counted heads of states and government accounts of UN member states, which is why Pope Francis was counted yet the Dalai Lama is absent.

If he were included, the Dalai Lama would barely beat Pope Francis in terms of followers with 7.35 million.

Check out the infographic below and let us know if you follow Pope Francis, Barack Obama, both or neither on Twitter.

Twitter world infographic

Dusten Carlson
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