Kate Upton Tweets Bridal Bikini Photo (This Is As Close To Marrying Her You’ll Ever Get)

Kate Upton every day

Kate Upton stumped for fellow SI cover girl Chrissy Tiegen this week by tweeting a photo of herself wearing a bridal bikini from Tieg’s Beach Bunny bridal swimwear line.

Tiegen is getting married to singer-songwriter John Legend soon, and said that her upcoming wedding inspired her to design a line of swimwear.

“I want to wear a bathing suit for my husband that makes me feel sexy. I know other women feel the same way, so I was inspired to design a line,” Tiegen explained.

Good grief, maybe supermodels really aren’t comfortable in anything but a bikini these days.

In any case, Upton tweeted a photo of herself wearing one of Tiegen’s bridal tops captioned “rough life” on the 23rd.

Kate Upton every day!

Dusten Carlson
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