Jenna Fischer Actually Reads Texas Abortion Bill, Live-Tweets Concerns

Jenna Fischer Texas Abortion Bill Convo

Actress Jenna Fischer wants Texas lawmakers to fully read the abortion bill that they will vote on tomorrow. The abortion legislation passed through the states House of Representatives early this week and now it’s going in front of the Texas Senate.

Without getting into the meat and bones of bill H.B. 2 it would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

As protesters began to show up outside of the Texas Senate The Office actress decided to read the bill. Following her research she posted the following tweets:

After a back and forth with other Twitter users about the bill and its “truths” Fischer then posted:

At the end of Thursday night Fischer conceded:

Apparently not ready to end her Twitter conversation over the Texas abortion bill on Friday morning Jenna Fischer began to debate fetal pain:

What do you think of Fischer’s Twitter discussion over the Texas abortion bill?

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