Free Slurpee Day Gives Social A Sugar High [Twitter Reacts]

Free Slurpee Day

Today is Free Slurpee Day. Go into any participating 7-Eleven store, and you can walk out with a Slurpee without paying for it! It’s awesome and oh-so-clever (because it’s July 11th … 7/11 … get it?) and Twitter is just obsessed with their free Slurpees.

Seriously, I haven’t seen anyone this happy since my aunt’s divorce was finalized.

But it’s a Slurpee. If there is any day in the year when social media users should be free of consequence to exercise their right to CAPS LOCK, ignorance, and grammatical embarrassment, it’s Free Slurpee Day. There are a lot of reasons to flip the f*** out over this year’s, too. The biggest reason for rabid Slurpee behavior: 7-Eleven is doubling the size of free Slurpees (and people say the economy is in the tank).

Here are some people understandably losing their f***ing minds over Free Slurpee Day:

People bitter about Free Slurpee Day (because no one has told them that cups are bigger this year):

Stop ruining everyone’s fun, asshole:

Missing Free Slurpee Day:

Missing Free Slurpee Day? Check for your nearest 7-Eleven here.

Dusten Carlson
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