Heidi Klum Shows Her Sunburned Fanny On Instagram [NSFW]

Heidi Klum Bo Derek

Heidi Klum gave the Internet a wonderful gift over the weekend when she posted a photo of her bare, sunburned rear to Instagram.

The 40-year-old model is currently enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas with her children and boyfriend Martin Kristen (who is also her bodyguard, fun fact), but it looks like she may have forgotten to pack some sunblock.

Heidi Klum butt

Ouch, yes, but thank you otherwise, Heidi!

That’s no photo filter, that’s just an awful sunburn. She appropriately titled the otherwise sexy photo with a simple “Ouch,” but she’s being modest. Do you know what’s worse than being sunburned on your butt? Absolutely the f*** nothing, that’s what.

Anyway, the model was sporting a pretty Bo Derek look at the beach (you’ll see what I mean from the photos posted below) and it seems that she’s having a good time, sunburned fanny notwithstanding.

Check out some more photos from Heidi Klum’s Bahamas vacation below:

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Bo Derek

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