Lolo Jones Agrees To Go On Date With Tenacious Twitter User

Lolo Jones Twitter

Lolo Jones has agreed to go on a date with a crushing Twitter user after he managed to 150,000 retweets, impressing the Olympic runner.

Some guy named Harry “Bubby” Lyles Jr. decided to hit on Lolo on Twitter, and succeeded in eventually getting a response from her.

Since starting on June 20, Lyles completed his 150,000 retweets on June 3rd, scoring his date with Lolo Jones.

Now, the two have even started a correspondence of sorts:

She is so into him.

Tully Corcoran of Fox Sports opined that normally, “attempts to hit on famous women via the Internet are destined for failure.” OH HO HO, we beg to differ, sir. This is a post-Jake-Davison-asks-Kate-Upton-to-prom-and-gets-Nina-Agdal-instead world, and there have been many other examples of this working.

“Such advances aren’t exactly unusual, are commonly creepy and probably not often even received.”

Creepy? Give these men some credit for putting their balls on the line in front of millions of people on social media. The only thing that is creepy about this is how often it seems to work.

Lolo Jones is just the latest example of that time-honored cliche: Women get swept off their feet when men act like fools for them.


Dusten Carlson
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