Former Russian Spy Anna Chapman Tweets Marriage Proposal To Edward Snowden

Anna Chapman Proposes To Edward Snowden

Super hot former Russian spy Anna Chapman has the hots for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and she wants to marry him.

In a tweet sent from Russia with lots of love on Wednesday Chapman tweeted:

Later in the day Anna Chapman tweeted the following message to the National Security Agency

It should be noted that @NSA is a fake Twitter account used to mock the spy agency.

Anna Chapman rose to the level of international fame in 2010 when she was outed as a fake real estate agent living in New York City. After her capture Chapman was deported back to Russian along with nine others as part of a prisoner swap.

In her homeland where she no longer hides her life as a former spy Chapman has become a model and a celebrity in her own right. For a while Chapman hosted the TV show Secrets of the World and she posed for Maxim Magazine:

So far the closest Chapman has gotten to Edward Snowden is the temporary sharing of a country. Snowden has been stuck in limbo at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport since June 23. Snowden has asked for asylum in at least 21 countries and has received at least one dozen rejections.

Edward Snowden has promised to continue releasing more information from the NSA’s private servers.

Anna Chapman and Edward Snowden could be a US headache match made in heaven.

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