Ten 4th Of July Posts You See On Social Media Every Year

american flag 4th of july

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Right now, you’re likely avoiding your in-laws at a barbecue or possibly checking the headlines on your smartphone while you wait for the fireworks to start. But no matter what you’ve been up to today, it’s hard to imagine that you didn’t log on to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., only to be confronted by a deluge of Independence Day-themed posts.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ve all probably found on your various threads this morning:

The Garden-Variety But Well-Meaning Acknowledgement Of A National Holiday:

The Patriotic Selfie:


Impossible Pinterest Creations:

Pinterest July 4th

Disgusting Barbecue Pics:

barbecue pic

Shaky And Nonsensical Fireworks Videos:

The Patriot Reminding You To Make Sure You Support The Troops Today:

Facebook patriotism

The “Make Sure You Don’t Forget Our President Is An Evil, Kenyan, Socialist Muslim” Patriot:

facebook post

More Impossible Pinterest Creations:

July 4th Pinterest
Seriously, what the f***

The Ambiguous, Apolitical, Yet Still Preachy Patriot:

Facebook 4th of July

The Obnoxious Canadian Troll:

If Any Of These People Are Just Annoying The Shit Out Of You Today:

july 4th advice

Happy 4th of July from Social News Daily!

[Featured image via: James Disher]

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