Twitter’s Morsi, Morrissey Joke Appetite Knows No End [Twitter Reacts]

morsi morrissey

Today, Mohamed Morsi was deposed in Egypt, and that’s funny because his name sounds like Morrissey, our favorite singer to listen to when we are sad or lonely or out of milk.

Well, there’s lots not funny about Morsi’s ouster in a coup, but for some reason the homophone thing tickled the pants off Twitter. (Also. Morrissey is awesome.)

Morsi/Morrissey jokes are old, sure, but you’d never know it by the way it crops up on social media every time Morsi gets elected or removed — and here is a sampling of Twitter’s endless amusement at the soundalike thing:

“Girlfriend In A Coma” oblig reference:

But this tweet sums up how we feel about the joke as of now:

How many Morsi/Morrissey jokes did you come across on Twitter or Facebook today?

[Image: Surly Thor]

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