Jourdan Dunn Tweets Dior Cut Her Because Of Epic Boobs

Jourdan Dunn boobs

Model Jourdan Dunn was cut last minute from Christian Dior’s runway at Fashion Week in Paris this year for the crime of having big boobs.

Over the weekend, Dunn tweeted:

Gauging from Dunn’s lead-up to her Fashion Week appearance, she went through an awful lot of trouble to be sent packing over her epic boobs at the last minute:

Of course, Jourdan Dunn didn’t seem all that fazed by her nixing from the runway, even interjecting some black humor (pun not intended) to the situation:

That last point is actually a late entry to a long line of criticism aimed at Dior, a company that has been called out for a lack of diversity in the past. Additionally, though Dunn’s tweets seems harmless enough, she has sparked the most recent, inevitable discussion about the fashion industry’s unhealthy body standards.

Do you think that Jourdan Dunn was unfairly cut from Dior’s runway because of her boobs?

[Image via: Twitter]

Dusten Carlson
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