Here’s A Tumblr Where Famous Movie Scenes End With Actresses’ Heads Exploding

tumblr exploding actresses

Tumblr’s dark new obsession is exploding the heads of actresses Scanners-style during famous and iconic film scenes.

With over 100,000 nods in just a few days of existence, Simone Rovellini’s “Exploding Actresses” Tumblr deserves a hat tip for its viral GIFs featuring … well … exploding actresses.

The Tumblr has been called everything from surreal to misogynistic, and while we admit that the contents of the thread are disturbingly quirky, we can’t help but appreciate Rovellini’s immaculate sense of timing.

For instance, check out this GIF from the film Ghost:


Holy shit, that’s perfect!

The explosion always happens at a moment of intensity too. You know … the climax …

meg ryan head explodes
I’ll have what she’s having!

They do Disney clips too. This allows for some variety. The GIFs stick to the “exploding actress” theme pretty faithfully, but the Disney clips get a bit creative.

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

And then there’s this random oddity:

Lion King funny

Exploding Actresses is your new favorite thing. Check it out on Tumblr here.

Dusten Carlson
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