Tweegram: Inject 140 Character Messages Into Your Instagram Timeline

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Many Twitter users will add a photo to their Instagram account and then Tweet about that photo to friends so they can check out their timeline, however a new program now allows users to send “Tweet type messages” directly to a users Instagram account, creating a “word by word” addition to the Instagram photo sharing system.

To use the program users must visit the Tweegram website ( or visit the mobile version of the site ( Users then log directly into their Instagram account:

Login To Tweegram

After signing in users are then asked to choose one of five templates which are used to convert the users words into stylistic messages. Choose your template and then simply type up to 140 characters in the box located below the template selection area and then click on the “Tweet” button.

Here’s a closer look at the message creation display:

Finally, once you have sent your Tweet your most recent timeline photos and Tweegrams can be seen below the “Tweet” creation window, simply click on the reload arrow and you’ll see your Tweet. Notice I typed “Testing Tweegram” in the screenshot above and now take a look at my timeline:

Tweegram Timeline Via for Instagram

There you have it, now you can literally add words to your images directly through your Instagram timeline, a simple yet effective process.

Tweegram creator Fabio Ciotoli told TheNextWeb that the program does not use Instagrams API and that more templates are on the way shortly.

Give it a try for yourself and you can finally start adding narratives to your photos directly through your Instagram timeline.

James Kosur

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