Foursquare Now Allows Users To Check-In Their Friends

Foursquare Check-In For Friends

Foursquare now allows users to check-in their friends when they are at the same location.

In a blog post on Tuesday the company writes:

“Instead of you and four friends each pulling out your phone to check in at dinner, now one of you can do it for everyone. Less time spent on your phone, more time enjoying the moment.”

The first time a users attempts to check-in a friend that action must be approved. From that point on the same two users can share a check in without further permission to be required.

While Facebook allows users to check-in friends without permission the Foursquare system offers slightly tighter controls.

Foursquare chose to roll out the friend check-in feature after more than 90 percent of the platforms “@ mentions” consisted of friends names since rolling out in August 2012.

The best part of the platform is that users can now earn check-ins if they forget to complete the action but their friend pulls out their smartphone or tablet and completes the process.

Check-ins are crucial data points that Foursquare can’t afford to lose and now they don’t have to.

Do you like the friends check-in feature for Foursquare?

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