Chris Brown Lashes Out On Twitter, Denies Hit & Run Claims

Chris Brown Hit and Run on Twitter

Singer Chris Brown wants everyone to know that he wasn’t involved in a hit and run and that he will “not stand for this bullying.”

Brown was charged by Los Angeles city prosecutor this week with driving without a valid license and a hit-and-run.

The charges arrived from a May 21 run-in. Brown read-ended another vehicle with his Range Rover and then allegedly failed to exchange information with the other drive.

According to prosecutors Chris Brown did not produce a driver’s license at the crash scene because he did not have a valid driver’s license at the time. Prosecutors also claim that Chris Brown left the scene of the crime without providing proof of insurance.

Now Chris Brown is claiming that the women involved in the accident is just looking for “a Chris Brown payday.”

Here are Chris Brown’s tweets in defense of the May 21 car accident:

Chris Brown later in the day changed in profile picture and then tweeted:

Later in the day Brown attempted to pull the family card regarding his actions:

We’ll just ignore that fact that the singer refers to himself by name and let you decide who to blame. Interestingly he doesn’t address why prosecutors claim he didn’t have a valid drivers license at the time of the accident.

Do you think Chris Brown is guilty of a hit and run?

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