Kate Gosselin Posts Racist Gesture Photo, You Know The Rest [Twitter Reacts]

Kate Gosselin

Paula Deen isn’t the only celebrity apparently guilty of sending race relations back to the stone age lately. Celebrity mom Kate Gosselin is at the center of media-created controversy once again after a photo showing what many have called a “racist gesture” was posted to Twitter.

In the photo, Gosselin, who has eight children with Korean-American Jon Gosselin, is shown wearing what appears to be a Geisha-style headpiece while she pulls back the corners of her eyes and smiles, just taunting all things Asian.

The media is reporting this as a classic case of closet racism on the part of an already-controversial celebrity.

The photo is unquestionably of Gosselin, but there are some aspects to this story which are pretty fishy. Namely, no one knows where the photo was taken or who took it. The account (belonging to a “Katie Deen”) that hosts the photo as its only tweet has a mere nine followers. It is unclear who it truly belongs to and what their connection to Kate Gosselin is.

Gosselin herself hasn’t addressed the controversy yet, but many Twitter users are stepping up to defend her.

What do you think? Could Kate Gosselin be a racist, or is she just an easy target?

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]

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