Paula Deen Fans Massively Troll Food Network’s Facebook Page

Food Network Facebook Page Attacked By Paul Deen Fans

Paula Deen was fired from the Food Network last week after racist slurs from the past were revealed in courtroom testimony. Now the chef’s fans are taking matters into their own hands. Paul Deens most loyal followers have been jumping over to the Food Network’s Facebook fan page to troll the company and demand the return of their favorite buttery chef.

Paula Deen admitted on YouTube that she used racial slurs and she then apologized for her actions in the past.

Comments on the Food Network Facebook fan page range from simple support to users who don’t see a problem with using the “N-word.”

One fan writes:

“Food Network … I will NEVER watch your shows anymore! We are talking about a word, not a crime! For this you Fire her? If you can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!”

The Inquisitr points out a second reader who didn’t see a problem with Paula Deen’s racial slurs:

“I agree Paula you did nothing [wrong]. I think we all used the n word no biggie. My friends who are black use the n word more than I could even imagine.”

The Food Network in the meantime is not engaging with the Paula Deen trolls. According to the network: “We aren’t commenting any further at this time.”

At one point 10 angry comments were appearing on the Food Network Facebook fan page every single minute.

Not all fans are posting mean messages directed at the Food Network. Some fans simply point out that time has passed and Paula Deen has made no known offensive comments in recent memory.

Do you think Paula Deen should be rehired by the Food Network?

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