Twitter Expands Alerts, Notifies Users When They Are Mentioned In A Favorited Tweet


Twitter has expanded its alerts system so users can learn when they are mentioned in a tweet that has been favorited by other users.

The new feature is an expansion of Twitter’s already in place notification system which aims to show users a deeper understanding of how they are engaging with users, both directly and indirectly.

The past version of the Twitter notifications system only alerted users when their own tweets were favorited.

While the update is just now being reported Twitter apparently began rolling it out on June 17.

Here’s what the new Twitter alerts system looks like with a favorited tweet mention:

Twitter Notifications

Twitter users are also receiving notifications when another user retweets a tweet they retweeted.

Twitter is investing millions of dollars in the acquisition and creation of social analytics tools. By adding new notifications users are being given more access to analytical depth.

Do you like receiving Twitter alerts for tweets you are mentioned in when favorited.

James Kosur

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