Instagram Video’s Image Stabilization Feature Is Better Than Professional Software

Instagram Cinema for Video

When Facebook rolled out Video On Instagram the social network touted its new Cinema video image stabilizer as a “breakthrough” in video editing. As it turns out Facebook might be right.

The team at TechNewsDaily wasn’t sure if a simple piece of image stabilization software could really have the effect Facebook claimed so they tried it out for themselves. The tool is just as easy to use as Instagram Video’s 13 video filters and the results might surprise you.

The TND team filmed a scene and applied the Instagram Cinema image stabilization method, they then applied the same feature found on the professional-grade Adobe Premiere video-editing software. Keep in mind Premiere costs $20 per month to use under Adobe’s new subscription based internet model.

While Adobe Premiere took a full minute to process a 15-second clip, the Instagram Cinema processing was instantaneous. Instagram also allows users to turn stabilization on and off without any interruption in the video viewing experience.

Premiere’s stabilization can be tweaked to obtain better results but we have to question why its default option can’t compare to a brand new piece of free software.

Check out the full video Instagram Video comparison video below:

James Kosur

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