NOAA Satellite Vegetation Images Show Just How Green Earth Is [Viral Video]

How green is earth

How green is our planet? An NOAA video is going viral for showing the planet’s vegetation via satellite images to give the viewer an idea of just how green Earth is.

The video is the result of a collaboration between NASA and NOAA, who teamed up to map all of the vegetation on the planet’s surface. The satellite images show vegetation through all seasons, permanent damage (scars) done by forest fires, and a heck of a lot more.

The video is really cool, but you might be wondering what the point is. The data actually lets scientists observe exact changes in vegetation from year yo year, meaning they could actually issue preventative warnings for wildfires, droughts, and malaria outbreaks, which was all impossible before.

Plus, we get to see an amazing video.

Here’s “Green: Vegetation on Our Planet (Tour of Earth),” published by NOAAVisualizations on June 19. It has gone viral with almost 90,000 views as of this posting. Enjoy!

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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