Kim Kardashian Baby Name Is Being Mocked Online For Some Reason [Twitter Reacts]

Kim Kardashian baby name

Kim Kardashian’s baby name has reportedly been revealed, and we can’t help but wonder whether Kimye should have gone in a different direction.

Kimye named their baby daughter North. Yes, as in “North West.” Apparently, they’re going to call her “Nori” for short. Nori, BTW fun fact, is edible seaweed.

Yeah, it’s pretty much an epic failure on every level (if you’re one of the few who think it’s clever, don’t be stupid), and we’re not the only ones who are hoping that Kim Kardashian’s baby name is a giant hoax and that Kimye went with the still-bad-but-somehow-better-now Kaidence Donda West instead.

Here are some of the best reactions to Kim Kardashian’s baby name revelation:

Among tweets that resist embedding for some reason: Kimye baby Kimye babySo far, Kim herself hasn’t responded on her Twitter account, which means that “North West” could still potentially not be her baby’s name. Kanye hasn’t said anything either, but then again he doesn’t really do much these days aside from scream, grunt and stare with murder eyes (yes, I’m talking about Yeezus).

And yes, Kim Kardashian’s baby name quickly inspired parody Twitter accounts:

[Featured image via: David Shankbone]

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