Facebook Interns Vs. Google Interns: Choosing Where To Work Based On Perks

Facebook vs Google Interns

If you’re a young programmer who has just been given the chance to work at Google or Facebook you are likely weighing the options based on what you’ve heard about both networks.

Internships can lead to future job offers, more money, and ultimately the respect of your peers as you naturally rise through the ranks.

But how do you choose which company to work for. We have heard about Google and Facebook offering free meals to employees, providing free lectures for brain stimulation, and much more.

Thankfully the team at Internet Service Providers is helping make your decision easier. From free sports clinics to massage services, the perks are never ending and worth looking over.

If you plan on interviewing with Google or Facebook the info shown below will also offer some decent advice.

Even if you don’t plan on working at Facebook or Google here are some of the perks that interns who are new to the big kid world of work will likely enjoy:

Google vs Facebook - Internship Wars

In the meantime here is a totally 100% true account of what it is like to work at Google via its internship program:

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