Mark Zuckerberg’s Samsung Visit Leads To Facebook Phone Speculation

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Samsung in South Korea

Mark Zuckerberg traveled to South Korea this week to visit with Samsung and that trip is leading to more speculation that a new Samsung-Facebook smartphone is on the way.

While Facebook Home launched in April that application with the help of HTC has been largely panned by users. Yet despite Facebook Home issues the Samsung Galaxy S4 still offers users the chance to activate Facebook Home.

According to rumors Zuckerberg’s main goal isn’t just to focus on Facebook Home but to work with the tech giant to create a more Facebook friendly phone in general.

According to The Korea Herald, Facebook doesn’t have a chance in winning over Samsung:

Facebook also does not carry the kind of premium image that Samsung is seeking to carve out in the world, meaning that a “Facebook-friendly” phone would bring no real benefits for the Korean electronics conglomerate.

The meeting, which was one of the key points in Zuckerberg’s short itinerary in Korea, therefore was likely to have come through after much cajoling from Facebook, industry observers said.

The most likely reason for the trip? For Mark Zuckerberg to push the Facebook name further in South Korea. The country’s economy is cruising along and the social networks increased recognition in the region could help develop better relationships with tech firms in the region.

Of course there is always the possibility that Mark Zuckerberg just wanted to visit Samsung so he could personally see the future direction of smartphones. Better understanding what is coming down the pipeline could allow Facebook to determine the best way to build out its own mobile products that include Facebook and the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

James Kosur

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