Lady Gaga’s Dad Blows A Fuse Over Restaurant Inspection On Twitter

Joanne Trattoria Department Of Health

Joe Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga’s dad, isn’t exactly happy with the results of a recent Department of Health inspection at his New York City restaurant.

His thoughts and feelings were soon shared to his followers on Twitter.

During an inspection at Joanne Trattoria last week, officials found a total of 19 violations. According to Eater, three of these violations were considered critical. Cleanliness was apparently a big problem with inspectors, not to mention the “contaminated” and “cross-contaminated” food they reportedly discovered in the kitchen.

All of these violations were enough to downgrade the restaurant from an A to a B. Although this may sound pretty bad, the restaurant has certainly seen darker days. The Daily Mail reports Joanne Trattoria received a C last August after inspectors uncovered 42 violations.

Clearly unhappy about the situation, Lady Gaga’s dad decided to vent his frustrations on Twitter. Germanotta posted a string of angry messages directed at the Department of Health last Wednesday, though they seem to have carried over into this week. You can find them below.

After going on to identify a few people in the Department of Health — there’s no point in sharing that information here — Lady Gaga’s dad decided to state the obvious.

Days after his initial rant, Germanotta tweeted the following:.

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s dad getting angry about a recent Department of Health inspection? Do you believe his Twitter tirade will make things worse for the guy going forward?

[Image via Joanne Trattoria / Facebook]

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  1. I don't think this tirade helps but I certainly understand. If you get the wrong inspector it can really make things difficult. The fact is is that any inspector can go in to most restaurants and find a million things wrong because of all the different ways to violate the health code. Most inspectors look for things that make it unsafe for diners to eat there…food stored improperly, unsafe or unclean food preparation, and cross contamination are the biggies. If you get an inspectors bad side though they can count you off for a ton of different things that I wouldn't categorize as unsafe for diners. Things like signage and cracked floor tiles.

  2. By the book chuck!! A very well known inspector in Palmdale. could not even nail two boards together. The single most critical person I have ever encountered. Over time I came to welcome his visits. I learned more from being delayed by the unfortunate twists of fate that put the one inspector that everyone feared into our project then probably two more years in the field

  3. I greatly admire the Germanottas for standing up to this tyrant. Although our taste runs more to Carly Simon and James Taylor than it does to Lady Gaga, our taste definitely runs to Italian food. We will be making a visit to Joanne's Trattoria in the near future, and will be sure to order, among many other things, a 20 oz. bottle of non-diet Coke.