Comedian Gets Vengeance On Telemarketers With Epic Phone Prank [Viral Video]

telemarketer prank

If you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a telemarketing call, this viral video is for you.

Comedian and prankster Jack Vale found himself on the other end of such a call from an online pharmaceutical outfit and decided to have a little fun with it.

Since most telemarketers will never hang up on you (they are often explicitly warned not to under punitive threat) Vale (or “Rosalind”) interrupts the telemarketer every time she tries to start talking, and even drives the next poor shmo in the queue crazy when he tries to deal with his unruliness.

The call lasted about 16 minutes when all was said and done, but you get the condensed highlight reel version below. Skip to 3:08 at the very least to see the prank end on a pretty sardonic note.

And as always, leave us your thoughts on the telemarketer prank in the comments below.

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

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