Sofia Vergara, In A Thong, By The Pool (This Is How I Died)

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It’s so little known, it’s barely there. I’m not talking about Sofia Vergara’s pool attire (we’ll get to that), I mean WhoSay, which is basically a more celebrity-oriented social network mostly traveled by celebrity blogs like Perez Hilton and TMZ.

For celebrities like Vergara, who at age 40 seems to defy gravity, it’s a quiet corner of the Internet to share slightly-NSFW selfies.

Several months ago, for instance, she posted this:

Sofia Vergara swinsuit

On Saturday, the Colombian bombshell and sex symbol shed even more attire for her followers with this:

sofia vergara

Now, I am a happily married man who has long lived with such Catholic guilt that as a teen I refused to broach second base without a firm and sincere declaration of love. But it’s kind of hard not to “hubba hubba” like an immature simpleton over this racy photo.

Share your thoughts on Sofia Vergara’s thong selfie in the comments below. I shall return with my full professionalism intact tomorrow at 9am central.

[Top image via: Jenn Deering Davis]

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