Rounds Debuts Co-Browsing Feature For iOS, Android Users

Rounds Co-Browser App For iOS and Android

Rounds has updated its mobile apps for iOS and Android, the platform now features a mobile video hangout feature that includes a co-browsing option. Using the new setup users can share the same web pages while they talk.

According to Rounds marketing director Natasha Shine-Zirkel the iOS and Android pps are designed to connect friends, not strangers, across different platforms in a safe environment.

The Rounds platform offers features similar to Google+ Hangouts, including the ability to co-watch YouTube videos and create camera effects while chatting with friends.

Rounds is currently available for the mobile platforms listed as well as Facebook, Desktop, Chrome, and Web apps.

When chatting with friends mobile users can share pictures from their phones and even scribble on each other’s video images with an included drawing tool.

The most interesting feature is by far the co-browsing function which allows friends to share each others’ screens. Users can click on links or type in a new URL within the same page.

Currently the Rounds app allows users to choose among a list of supported sites which includes Google Search, Wikipedia, Preen.Me, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Amazon, eBay, ESPN, The Huffington Post, wanelo, Imgur, and TheFancy.

The new co-browser platform is the product of a partnership Rounds formed with While users can share the control of websites their username are shown while passwords for the sites they enter are hidden.

Here’s a demo for the new Rounds co-browser feature:

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