Buddhist Monks Busted On YouTube For Using Private Jet [Viral Video]

Monks YouTube Jet

Buddhist monks are currently being monitored by Thailand’s Buddhism governing body after several of them were seen using a private jet and other luxury items in a recent YouTube video.

Nopparat Benjawatananun, the director-general of the Office of National Buddhism, warned monks from the Thai monastery not to engaged in such behavior again. Khantitham Temple administrative officer Monruedee Bantoengsuk confirmed the story with The Associated Press. However, details about the monks’ trip on the jet have not been revealed as of this writing.

The video, which you can find embedded below, shows several monks wearing sunglasses and wireless headphones while riding in what is being described as a private jet. The clip also shows the monks carrying luxury travel bags.

Although the Buddhist monks on the private jet are being described as “holy men,” the Bangkok Post suggests something a bit more sinister might be afoot.

According to a villager who lives near the temple, many people reportedly steer clear of the area because they suspect the monks are involved in suspicious activities. The person said army officials are often seen coming and going from the temple, and abbot Luang Pu Nenkham uses police escorts whenever he travels.

There is also said to be a helipad located outside of the temple. The multiple donation boxes near the temple are registered to Khanti Dhamma Kaowna Company Limited, which specializes in selling Buddhist relics.

What do you think about the Buddhist monks who used a private jet and other luxury items during a recent trip? Do you believe these individuals should be punished for their behavior?

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