Star Wars Prank Freaks Out College Students, Goes Viral With Easy Premise

Star Wars Elevator Prank

Students at King’s College London may have recently fallen victim to what could be the simplest prank we have ever seen performed.

YouTube channel JesterLads dressed an actor up with a hoodie and then had him stand inside an elevator. As the elevators doors began to close he waved his hand and his buddy pressed the elevator button.

As elevators tend to do the doors opened on “command” from the button push and it appeared the force was strong with that one.

Students look on in amazement and in some cases ask him to stop. One girl even flees the elevator and proclaims, “I’ll take the stairs.”

It might be a simple prank that we can’t believe anyone fell for but it has racked up 515,978 views at the time of this post.

Here’s the insanely simple Star Wars elevator prank in action:

James Kosur

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