Police Chief David Oliver Shames Crooks On Brimfield Police Facebook

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On Facebook, Ohio Police Chief David Oliver has used the social network in law enforcement in a novel way — shaming suspects and scofflaws for an audience of more than 50,000 fans.

Chief David Oliver isn’t alone in using Facebook for law enforcement purposes, but he’s one of the few police higher ups currently using it for the purposes of drawing interest via mockery of lawbreakers or those perhaps accused of criminality.

On Oliver’s Brimfield Police Department page, he has attracted attention from far and wide — so much so the department’s Facebook page even has its own haters.

In fact, Brimfield Police posted a refutation to haters today as the story peaked, and it seems that Oliver even came in for the classic “well, you’re fat” internet retort, to which he humorously replied:

You’re fat. (you can’t chase people, get off Facebook etc., etc., etc.) Why … yes I am a portly fella. I make up for it with stellar good looks, a charming personality and good personal hygiene. Actually, I’m just short for my weight. I don’t need to chase people. We have four K-9 units and I hire very fast officers … and I have a car. Besides, if I choose to, I can lose weight. You can’t lose ignorance.


On accusations of being too harsh on the accused, Police Chief Oliver says:

Well, someone needs to. We have become this touchy feely bunch of sissified victims. Criminals are no longer responsible for what they do because of their ‘rough childhood’ or ‘circumstances.’ Everyone has an excuse. My belief is that we ALL are accountable for our actions. We all have free will. If your free will involves you selling drugs, raping, robbing or otherwise creating victims….you need to be locked down in an adult timeout. When you go to timeout, we can’t be the push-over parents who get tired of hearing you cry and let you out early. Do the crime, do the time. If we ever tried it, I bet it would work.

Before the page exploded, the Brimfield Police Chief explained why he took to Facebook to vent about crime, saying:

I call criminals mopes. I do not comment on them being ugly, smelly or otherwise beauty impaired … even though some are. I do not comment on their education, social status, color, sex, origin or who they marry. I care about crime and character. If you come to Brimfield and commit a crime we are all going to talk about it. The easiest way to not be called a criminal is to not be one. It is not calculus.

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  1. The easiest way to not be called a criminal is to become a cop! ain't never seen one in traffic court for speeding, DWI etc…