Vin Diesel Unveils New ‘Riddick’ Poster On Facebook [Photo]

Riddick Facebook Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel recently unveiled the new poster for the upcoming science fiction flick Riddick on his official Facebook page.

Since the actor has a bazillion friends and followers on the site, studios often use Diesel to release images and posters for his projects. The guy can connect with millions of people instantly, something studios would ultimately have to spend a significant amount of money to achieve.

So why not let their social stars do it for free? Vin Diesel apparently loves to connect with this fans, so he’s more than willing to drop a new image or the latest poster directly into their virtual laps. Such is the case with the action flick Riddick.

Below you can find the latest one-sheet for writer-director David Twohy’s forthcoming endeavor. The movie is currently slated to wow audiences in North America on September 6.

In addition to the latest poster, an international trailer for Riddick is also making the rounds. You can find both of these handy promotional items embedded below. And if you haven’t started following Vin Diesel on Facebook, then hop to it. The guy is endlessly amusing, and you’ll get the latest stuff before everyone else.

Here’s the latest poster, fresh from Diesel’s Facebook page.

Riddick Movie Poster

Are you a fan of Vin Diesel? Do you plan on catching Riddick in theaters this September?

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