Ryan Hansen Celebrates ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie With Viral Video

Veronica Mars Movie

Ryan Hansen is so excited about the upcoming Veronica Mars movie that he felt the need to express his thoughts and feelings on the subject in the form of a new viral video.

Although it was pretty clear that Dick Casablancas would appear in Rob Thomas’ upcoming project, nothing about the actor’s involvement had been confirmed by either Hansen or the filmmaker. However, any doubt about his participation has been cleared up with the video you see embedded below.

Ryan Hansen’s excited about the Veronica Mars movie is apparent right from the get-go. After explaining how pumped he is for the project, the actor reveals that Dick was originally just an extra with one single line of dialogue. The rest, as they say, is television history.

Once his excitement has been properly expressed, Hansen then launches into an enjoyable goofy choreographed dance routine. Words can not properly express how psyched the guy is for the movie. You can see his unbridled mirth explode from your computer by investigating the embedded clip.

Rob Thomas announced earlier this year that he was putting together a Kickstarter campaign for the proposed Veronica Mars movie. This was news fans had apparently been waiting for; it didn’t take long for Thomas and company to generate a substantial amount of cash for the flick. When all was said and done, the filmmaker managed to pull in $5.7 million from donations.

Check out Hansen’s celebratory video below.

Are you excited about the Veronica Mars movie? What do you think about Ryan Hansen’s YouTube video?

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