Bear Grylls Tweets Fan’s Tribute Tattoo

Bear Grylls Tattoo is creepy and awesome

A Bear Grylls tattoo that is both disturbing and inventive has grabbed the attention of the Get Out Alive star.

The NBC TV host took to Twitter on Friday so he could send out a tweet that showcased the fans tattoo to his 1 million-plus followers.

The tattoo features the reality show star as he clutches a knife while chewing on a blood piece of raw meat.

There isn’t must else to say about the Bear Grylls tattoo so here it is for your viewing enjoyment:

What do you think about the Bear Grylls tattoo tribute?

James Kosur

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  1. I think that it is extreme, and I would never get a portrait of someone that I didn't know personally; but who knows, this person may find inspiration from Bear Grylls or just like having different tattoos? Definitely interesting though.

  2. That's a little too far….even putting a name of a band on you is "iffy" but putting a face of a celeb on you! Come on! I would not want a face of someone on me like that for the rest of my life….