Kevin Durant’s Instagram Account Gets Hacked

Kevin Durant Hacked

NBA star Kevin Durant revealed on Twitter that someone hacked his Instagram account.

The culprit, who goes by the name “Mr. Whitehat,” posted a message in the bio section of Durant’s Instagram page asking the professional basketball player to tweet him for access to the account. According to the hacker, he invaded the account in order to show Durant the weakness of his password.

Not surprisingly, Kevin Durant wasn’t impressed with the prankster’s decision to hack his page. The NBA superstar tweeted that the responsible party should “get a life.” You can find his tweets below.

Although “Mr. Whitehat” was in control of Durant’s Instagram account, it would appear that everything is back in working order. A look at his page shows all of his photos and followers are accounted for.

The individual responsible for the hack has yet to say anything further about the incident. Since hacking someone’s personal account can get you in trouble, chances are the individual is laying low for the time being. However, there’s always the possibility he could strike again “for the good of the people.”

What do you think about Kevin Durant’s Instagram account getting hacked?

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