Happy Father’s Day: Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks

Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Are you ready to celebrate all the wonderful dads in your life? For my Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks of the week, here are my top pins inspired by Father’s Day and Dad.

Popular Cupcake Pin

Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate any occasion. Many dads love to grill. Combine those two facts for a dessert treat perfect for Father’s Day: Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes from Life’s a Batch.

Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes

Popular Cake Pop Pin

Cake pops are all the rage nowadays. And some bakers come up with some pretty creative cake pop creations. Celebrate dad with some clever Charcoal Grill Cake Pops from Hostess with the Mostess.

Charcoal Grill Cake Pops

Popular Photograph Pin

Taking a yearly picture on Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate the relationship between fathers and children while capturing the moment in time. I personally love the idea of snapping a photo with dad and child with the child wearing one of dad’s ties from Christopher F Photography. You can even take the same picture each year to watch how child (and dad) grow.

Popular Handprint Pin

Handprint crafts are popular among parenting bloggers. I personally love making hand- and footprint crafts with my daughter. My top handprint craft for Father’s Day is the Best Dad Hands Down craft from La-La’s Home Daycare.

Best Dad Hands Down Handprint Craft

Popular Decoration Pin

What holiday is not complete without a clever decoration for the home? Wreaths are particularly popular with parenting bloggers. My top decoration pin for Father’s Day is the Father’s Day Tie Wreath from Wondermom Wannabe.

Do you have a favorite Father’s Day pin? Share in the comments below.

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Heather Johnson
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  1. How brilliant are those bbq cake pops! I wish I was more creative! Thank goodness for articles like this 🙂