Amanda Bynes On Twitter: HaHa Look At How Ugly My Dad’s Face Is

Amanda Bynes Twitter Attacks Dad

Amanda Bynes took to Twitter on Tuesday night to deliver a loving father’s day tweet to the man who raised her.

In her tweet the troubled movie star writes:

“Ha ha look at how ugly my dad’s face is!”

The tweet has since been deleted but we have the screen capture:

Amanda in the past said she would rather watch her parents become homeless than help them out financially. Apparently her hatred for mom and dad continues to run deep.

It isn’t just dear old mom and dad who are receiving the wrath of Amanda Bynes’ increasingly unhinged ways. While her own appearance has recently become a train wreck in its own right, she recently tweeted about the rapper Drake and his looks. Bynes writes:

The loony bin is going to be lonely after Amanda Bynes alienates everyone on the planet, including her own dad.

James Kosur

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  1. We don't know what happens behind closed doors but I have a feeling that her erratic behavior is just branching out to her parents for attention.

  2. What an awful thing to say even if there are problems between them…she would probably hate to hear it (and not to be mean), but there is some resemblance…