Twitter To Launch Photo Sharing Feature, But Will Users Trust It?

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Twitter is rumored to be working on a new photo sharing and hosting feature that will launch “very soon” but the real question is, who in their right mind would trust Twitter to store their photos, after all this is the same company who has failed to properly archive and allow for searching of basic past text messages.

In their defense Twitter has created an entirely new architecture for their system that allows for better scaling on their system or so they say (this writer is still met with the fail whale several times each day).

It’s expected that the photo sharing feature, first snooped on Monday by Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch could launch any day now.

The move in a way makes sense for Twitter as it would allow them to directly compete with TwitPic. In recent months the company has launched an assault on third party developers who use their API, suggesting that they must compete in their own market for fear of handing to much control to third party developers who often interfere with the company’s own advertising and product endorsement initiatives.

So the question remains are you willing to trust Twitter with your precious moments? Will you give them access to more than just 140 characters of often mindless dribble at one time? I for one don’t mind sharing my pictures with my Twitter followers, but I will not in any way be entrusting my most precious moments to their system on it’s own. Perhaps Twitter will allow for some type of cross posting with Flickr or another photo sharing service to earn customer loyalty to their program.

In the meantime, here’s a funny tweet about Twitter photo hosting from @TaraDublinRocks:

Twitter Photo Sharing Tweet

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