Special K Hands Out Cereal In Exchange For An Instagram Photo

Instagram Sweden

If you live in Stockholm and you’re craving a box of Special K cereal, all you need to acquire the product is a smartphone and an Instagram account.

The freestanding Special K store located in the city will cough up the goods if you’re willing to share a simple picture with your followers. The exchange is fairly straightforward: Approach the kiosk, take a picture, and tag it with #nyaspecialk. In case you were wondering, that’s Swedish for “New Special K.”

According to Kellogg’s Jan Hedegaard, it’s really that simple. Since Instagram is quite popular in Sweden, the amount of business they receive from people who see your hashtag is apparently worth the price of a box of cereal. All you have to do is take the photo and share it with your friends.

Does this whole setup sound familiar? Well, this isn’t the first time Kellogg has given away a product in exchange for a little love on social media. The company gave away Special K Cracker Crisps through a so-called “Tweet Shop” last year. In exchange for a Twitter post, hungry smartphone owners received a snack.

Unfortunately for Special K fanatics with Instagram accounts, this offer is only good in Stockholm. In other words, don’t pester the poor cashier at the local supermarket about the free cereal. Chances are he or she doesn’t care about any pictures you may have recently shared.

Would you trade an Instagram photo for a box of Special K cereal?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

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