Sony And Apple’s iRadio Streaming Content Deal Sealed With One Minor Holdout

iRadio deal nearly complete

Sony and Apple have signed a deal regarding the latter’s upcoming steaming music service (nicknamed iRadio for now), according to a source close to the talks.

The agreement implies that Apple already has the three biggest record labels on board with the deal, as well as Warner and Universal. However, Sony/ATV is still missing from the deal.

You’d think that it’d be a given that Sony would automatically bring on Sony/ATV, but that problem has a relatively easy solution compared to those the agreement was facing just days ago.

According to AllThingsD, Sony and Apple came to an agreement in a dispute over skipped songs. Sony wanted payment for every song played, even if you decided to skip it. That hump was a lot bigger than the one the deal is facing now.

Electronista expects iRadio to be announced at WWDC on June 10, with launch happening at a later date. The service will be pretty similar to Pandora, adding more advanced controls and the on-demand level boasted by Spotify.

Are you looking forward to the launch of iRadio?

[Image via: DVice]

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