Facebook Terror Post Teen Freed After Month Behind Bars

Cameron DAmbrosio Freed After Facebook Terror Post

A teenager in Massachusetts has been freed from jail one month after he posted what authorities called a Facebook terror post.

A grand jury refused to indict teenager Cameron D’Ambrosio after he was arrested on May 1 and accused of “communicating a terrorist threat.”

On his Facebook page the 18-year-old aspiring rapper posted the following lyrics:

“A boston bombing wait till u see the shit I do.”

Immediately after his arrest rights activists petitioned for the teens release, claiming that his freedom of speech was violated under the first amendment.

In revealing the Facebook terror post Lawrence District Court Judge Lynn Rooney issued an order on Thursday to release D’Ambrosio.

Before his release the Boston’s Center for Rights and Fight For The Future gathered 90,000 signature asking that D’Ambrosio be released from jail.

The 18-year-old high schooler was arrested after fellow students at Methuen High School alerted authorities to his Facebook posts.

If found guilty for posting his Facebook terror post the teen could have spent 20 years behind bars.

Do you think officials went too far in calling the teens message a Facebook terror post? Do you think teens should learn what type of comments to avoid while posting online?

James Kosur

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  1. Stupid? yes. Criminal? maybe not….context might be an important thing here. Maybe something like that should be enough to get a warrant to search his house, computer, etc, but then if they don't find anything else, release him.

  2. Agreed. It was very stupid but hardly criminal on the basis of his talk. Rappers in my opinion have said far worse via commercially available albums.

  3. I think I agree with the other two posters, it was extremely stupid to post something like that but not necessarily criminal.

  4. He's probably a bit more humble now! I also bet he's learned his lesson about making jokes of serious things like that.

  5. I do think that there could have been a threat, and I agree with Rachel, it could possibly have led to something, and I hope that this is enough to show teens (this one in particular) that this is not something to be taking lightly.

  6. Anyone with an imagination could say that they could do worse than the Boston terrorists, if they're just bragging about brainpower. The problem is that he didn't specify whether he was imagining or intending. This sometimes happens with 18-year-olds, who aren't quite mature enough to be aware of the consequences of such vagueness. The (figurative) pen is mightier than the sword, and must be handled responsibly.

  7. He was locked up for a whole month for that? The article did not say there was any other evidence to suggest he was doing anything more than spouting. Not wise, but words are not worthy of incarceration. I think it would have been more effective to put him under surveillance to see if he had connections. A kid like that is only a puppet anyways. This was absolutely a total violation of freedom of speech, but then the regime is run by a communist now. Just another intimidation tactic by the government to put people under their thumb. Nothing is private on Facebook = ILLUMINATI owned and operated. lol When my fb is active, I put up cute pictures and make small talk. I am a peace loving person, but I suggest to people not to share personal stuff on there.

  8. anyone who makes up a song rap or otherwise about any bombing that takes place in America deserves to spend a month in JAIL! it was STUPID and IGNORANT! people died on the day of the Boston marathon so there is nothing to make a joke about in any SONG I don't care if your just kidding around, this is not funny I hope to goodness he learned his lesson and chooses his words wisely! it is time for this young man to GROW UP!