Coca-Cola Unveils Ice Bottles In Colombia [Viral Video]

Coke Ice Bottles

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new way to enjoy its product in Colombia: ice bottles.

Instead of using cubes to chill your tasty beverage, the company has unveiled a container that is made out of ice. The Colombian commercial has found its way to YouTube, and it’s starting to make the rounds.

The video embedded below shows a wide variety of attractive individuals enjoying their Coca-Cola ice bottles on a sunny beach in Colombia. Everyone seems to thoroughly ecstatic about the experience, particularly one adventurous individual who takes a bit out of the rim of his bottle.

Never mind the personal hygiene issues or the fact that you’d really have to down that Coke in a hurry before the container melts away — it just looks cool to drink from a bottle made out of solid ice.

In order to keep your hands warm during your chilly encounter, the company has fitted each bottle with a red band emblazoned with its logo. Unfortunately, you’ll have to plan a vacation to Colombia if you’re interested in checking it out first-hand. Unless, of course, you find someone willing to ship it to your front door.

The ice bottles come on the heels of the Coca-Cola split can. In short, the tiny can comes with another container that allows you to share the carbonated experience with someone else. The campaign is called “Share Happiness.” You can find that video embedded below as well.

What do you think about Coca-Cola’s ice bottles? Is it an innovative idea or a health hazard?

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  1. What if you don't drink the soda fast enough? lol It's a nice idea esp for the ecosystem. But of course then they come up with the sharing can in which they use more material, so more to get rid of…..