What Your Profile Pic Says About You [Infographic]

sexy profile pic

Ever wondered what your profile picture says about you? Now you can know thanks to this handy infographic from MyLife (don’t even pretend you’re not on here).

Basically, there are 10 common types of profile pictures, and each of them say a lot about the people who take them. You might be trying too hard to look hot, well-traveled or blissfully married, but all of your Facebook friends will be able to see right through you after they read this infographic!

Anyway, just laugh at yourself. I’m pretty sure my profile picture at the bottom of this article is me wearing women’s clothes, so I’m hardly in a position to judge.

Check out the 10 Most Common Profile Pics infographic below, and let us know which one you are in the comments!

profile pic

Dusten Carlson
Dusten has written for web and print and currently spends his time working on his upcoming graphic novel. He is also almost 30 and still has all of his hair.


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  1. Lol, these are pretty funny. Of course these are just one person's views of what they feel are the way that people are portraying themselves. I just have to laugh when reading these. Some of them are my views as well, but most are not.

  2. Good for a laugh, don't think it is really the most popular profile pictures though.