Grizzlies Player Quincy Pondexter Scores A Date With Miss Tennessee Via Twitter

chandler lawson

Quincy Pondexter was feeling a bit lonely after the Memphis Grizzliers were eliminated from the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs, so he did what any professional basketball player dude with a Twitter account would do and went looking for love.

Pondexter started his quest for female companionship by putting out a simple question to his followers.

Yep, Pondexter didn’t even have a specific woman in mind. Well, as long as they were a beauty pageant winner.

And despite the anonymous request, Chandler Lawson, the 2012 winner of the Miss Tennessee beauty pageant, was still flattered by the request.

Now, here is where Pondexter really ups his game. In fact, the NBA player is so smooth that some people may confuse him with a desperate 7th grader.

You single, LOL? Seriously? How is this working for this guy?

By this time Pondexter was getting a little tired. I mean, he had already sent like three entire tweets. So the NBA player decided that it was finally time to ask his crush out on a date.

And the amazing part is that Chandler said yes. Granted, this exchange happened in front of a public internet crowd and Miss Tennessee may have been feeling a bit of pressure. Still, Quincy Pondexter successfully scored a date with Miss Tennessee via Twitter.

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